Friday, January 6, 2012

Determination in 2012!

Helllllllooooooo! It's so good to find some time to get to typing out something to post on Spindle31 blog! I just want to say Happy 2012!! 2011, is gone but never forgotten! Lots of memories made, my life has been forever impacted by experiences both good & bad. Through it all I feel that it was all a God thing. One thing I do regret is the lack of sewing. I have come to realize whatever I do or have a passion for I will do it all as I am doing it unto God! Whether it be laundry, dishes, teaching, changing diapers, cleaning noses, sewing, bill paying, giving, studying, taxes, etc...I will do it all into the Lord! This is not the easiest thing to do as a person at one point or another, that's why I'm soooo thankful, grateful, appreciative to God for new days! For when I fall I shall arise! Lol! Yup, I've got some pretty scrapped up knees and elbows. I'm just oooOO so thankful for new beginnings! It's a God thing and I love it! He has been working on this lady, and I truly appreciate it and will take it to heart. There is nothing like being able to serve in his kingdom!
Now that I've opened up a little I do want to say again, I will do all things as if I'm doing it unto the Lord! I truly want to sew like I've never sewn before! This shouldn't be very hard being I never make time for my very own hobby. The hobby that I never knew I had. My husband pointed it out to me, that sewing is my hobby. It's something I do out of love! I took that to heart when he said that. It honestly motivated me to do more. My children have also been another reason for me to get this hobby going! They have a love for learning to sew. If anything at all in 2012 I will teach them what i know. All in all I wanted to put some thoughts on my blog to get inspired once again, and possibly inspire someone else out there.

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