Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking TIME!!!

Taking time to get to know my best friend is something I will do! I know if I do that he will allow this venture in my life to happen! "ALL things are possible through HIM..."! I'm soooo excited!! The purchasing of my very own Floriani program, is a huge step in the "digitizing" world, and I'm beyond ready to take a huge leap!!! I have attended few classes on the "how to's", without the program and it only made me want it more! Bless my husbys heart. He would hear all my stories about what the ladies made at the "hidden jewel", as I watched. Never ment to put any presure on him,and I have a feeling I kinda did. The excitement in my voice then the limited amount I could do he was my witness to it all. I've sat and watched and was so thankful I was allowed to do so. Being I'm a visual learner it definitely helped me to be able to sit in and do what I did.
I've set aside time to sew with "dunaMISS", (our youth groups name adding a "s" and capitalizing "MISS") to do some, "do it yourself" projects. Just as the "Proverbs 31 lady". Last night we made a layered skirt! Showing them the little I know, really gave me a little more cofidence in what Ive learned. Being we used a bit of a sheet,old tshirts,old blouses we not only saved money on a skirt but it's totally "authentic"! This we will call our "Apologie" wear! It's our very own line of clothing and we make no apologies!:) With that little bit being's a wrap for now! TTFN:TaTaForNow!
pS: pLeAsE don't mind the spelling and grammar, you will enjoy reading alot "gOOder"=)!


  1. I have a (mostly selfish as I would like you to make me one) suggestion! I found an awesome cargo skirt on Shopstyle. Could totally be made from men's cargo shorts, found in abundance at thrift stores. Anyway, you might look them up and give it a try. REALLY cute!

  2. Definitly!:) A while back we did a "diy" project out of pants. Some of our young ladies took off with it. They really got it down! It's soo amazing at how creative they can all get! Send me the site, if there's one...