Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Getting organized is SURLY and slowwwwwwly happening.  The move has happened.  I now have my very own work room!  So excited about this new venture in my life.  My in-home childcare is still going full throttle!  I also assist with the care of my grandfather.  Theres nothing like being able to give back to the ones who gave to you.  With the help of assistants my mind has been able to focus and not give up on my new adventure.  Hoping to make it to the sewing shop this week.  Working on  exciting projects!  Few bags in the making and will be posting more pictures of more work.  With all this going on I also have challenged myself in reading a, "40 day plan" to reading the Bible.  This will be done! Praying for wisdom and understanding of his word.  O how I NEED HIM! 
In all that being said, praying Gods Will be done not my own. 
Keeping him first in all I do, believing this will keep things flowing.   

This is a "Sling Bag".  I have done a applique of the last name's "letter".  Then child's full name embroidered over per request of momma.  Thank you Amy!!!!  I  really enjoyed putting the colors together.  
I'm truly trying to keep every bag original to where none will be exactly the same.  Originality is what I strive for!!!
Those who know me know that this is a fact=) 

All orders are welcome! Business cards coming soon!

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