Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Getting organized is SURLY and slowwwwwwly happening.  The move has happened.  I now have my very own work room!  So excited about this new venture in my life.  My in-home childcare is still going full throttle!  I also assist with the care of my grandfather.  Theres nothing like being able to give back to the ones who gave to you.  With the help of assistants my mind has been able to focus and not give up on my new adventure.  Hoping to make it to the sewing shop this week.  Working on  exciting projects!  Few bags in the making and will be posting more pictures of more work.  With all this going on I also have challenged myself in reading a, "40 day plan" to reading the Bible.  This will be done! Praying for wisdom and understanding of his word.  O how I NEED HIM! 
In all that being said, praying Gods Will be done not my own. 
Keeping him first in all I do, believing this will keep things flowing.   

This is a "Sling Bag".  I have done a applique of the last name's "letter".  Then child's full name embroidered over per request of momma.  Thank you Amy!!!!  I  really enjoyed putting the colors together.  
I'm truly trying to keep every bag original to where none will be exactly the same.  Originality is what I strive for!!!
Those who know me know that this is a fact=) 

All orders are welcome! Business cards coming soon!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting Familiar...

Familiarizing myself in all areas of my life, is whats currently happening to me.  Believing my life is in HIS hands.  Being the best I can be daily,hourly,minutely.  Not sure if this is why I'm noticing all the "mishap"that I am.  Praying God helps me through the time of getting to know him and getting rid of "ME"!  Hes taken me from what "I used to be", and with that known I know he can take me to what, "I ought'a be"...
I now have a sewing room! Girl's are sharing a room and Jude has his own.  I was thinking growing up I shared and room with my two sisters and it really bonded us together!  Also all that know me know I have deal with rearrangement!! I do it frequently!  Even in hotel rooms!! Yes, its that bad!!! LOL!!!  I love change!!!!  Sorry back to the thought of girls sharing a room. In thinking about my childhood...I took the thought of me moving into the garage with my sewing equipment out of my mind.  I decided to joined the girls together.  They seem to like the idea, I made them there own little "domes" (beds) as best as I can.  Being they sleep together not sure if it really matters.  During the move Ive been doing my best to work on some.  Not sure if I mentioned my husby is out of town this weekend, so furniture moving has been done by ME.  With the help of my  Lovelies we are just about done!!! Oooops sorry... back to projects, I'm just about finished with a few! Sooo excited! I'm definitely going to turn into a "home body", with my new room! LOL!  Let's see if this can happen;) lol...
Still working on last weeks orders and few from week before. I apologize, I truly jumped into what looks like will be turning into a business!!!!!!! I will be getting organized as SOOOOOOOOOOOON as posiiiiiiiiibleeeeeee!!! 

Ill be posting pictures of some projects I worked on yesterday.  
The idea was inspired from my son, who has a "friend" that's a "girl"... 
Last week sometime they were playing in the backyard during daycare hours.  Watching them play in the backyard, he and her had some sort of disagreement.  Not to sure what it was all about I heard him saying,"but Faith GOD said were sooopoooose to be BEST FRIENDS!", he repeated it until she stopped and said, "Okay JuJu, I'm your friend'.  It truly gave me a inspiration to make a BF t-shirt for them.
Being I had some t-shirts I bought for my nephews, I made two of them their  very own "bf" t-shirts.  Pictures to follow.
Feel free to place your "BF" order or custom order at anytime!
Pricing on embroideray:
$5.00 for names up to 6 letters
$1 per every extra letter, not exceeding $15

Great Day and Great Weekend to ALLLLL!

PS: feel free to: comment! spread the word! put in a order! follow my blog! just some ideas:)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking TIME!!!

Taking time to get to know my best friend is something I will do! I know if I do that he will allow this venture in my life to happen! "ALL things are possible through HIM..."! I'm soooo excited!! The purchasing of my very own Floriani program, is a huge step in the "digitizing" world, and I'm beyond ready to take a huge leap!!! I have attended few classes on the "how to's", without the program and it only made me want it more! Bless my husbys heart. He would hear all my stories about what the ladies made at the "hidden jewel", as I watched. Never ment to put any presure on him,and I have a feeling I kinda did. The excitement in my voice then the limited amount I could do he was my witness to it all. I've sat and watched and was so thankful I was allowed to do so. Being I'm a visual learner it definitely helped me to be able to sit in and do what I did.
I've set aside time to sew with "dunaMISS", (our youth groups name adding a "s" and capitalizing "MISS") to do some, "do it yourself" projects. Just as the "Proverbs 31 lady". Last night we made a layered skirt! Showing them the little I know, really gave me a little more cofidence in what Ive learned. Being we used a bit of everything...like a sheet,old tshirts,old blouses we not only saved money on a skirt but it's totally "authentic"! This we will call our "Apologie" wear! It's our very own line of clothing and we make no apologies!:) With that little bit being said...it's a wrap for now! TTFN:TaTaForNow!
pS: pLeAsE don't mind the spelling and grammar, you will enjoy reading alot "gOOder"=)!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Something New

There is so much going on in this fast pace life were living,that Ive decided to take on blogging.  I will be pulling out of the fast lane into the..."slow lane" or should  I say "car pool" lane?
Just to start off with a little something on my blog, (love the way that sounds) I wanted to post a little something until I get the feel of "blogging".
It all started with my machine breaking and me taking it in to get serviced when I encountered a hidden jewel, D&J sewing!  I'm so thankful to have found my friends at D&J sewing, they have really given me the extra support in my hobby of sewing.  I find myself learning something new every time I'm with those ladies.  I love sewing and will try any project knowing I have help and support from my friends at the "store".  I have learned and am addicted to embroidery!  Sewing is definitely something I love to do and try to squeeze in whenever I can.  Currently I have taken on several projects, I am trying to get them all done at the same time!  Eeeeeeeeek!
First step for me is ORGANIZATION!