Monday, March 21, 2011

Something New

There is so much going on in this fast pace life were living,that Ive decided to take on blogging.  I will be pulling out of the fast lane into the..."slow lane" or should  I say "car pool" lane?
Just to start off with a little something on my blog, (love the way that sounds) I wanted to post a little something until I get the feel of "blogging".
It all started with my machine breaking and me taking it in to get serviced when I encountered a hidden jewel, D&J sewing!  I'm so thankful to have found my friends at D&J sewing, they have really given me the extra support in my hobby of sewing.  I find myself learning something new every time I'm with those ladies.  I love sewing and will try any project knowing I have help and support from my friends at the "store".  I have learned and am addicted to embroidery!  Sewing is definitely something I love to do and try to squeeze in whenever I can.  Currently I have taken on several projects, I am trying to get them all done at the same time!  Eeeeeeeeek!
First step for me is ORGANIZATION!

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